EHR-QTN - Thematic Network on Quality Labelling And Certification of EHR Systems


The CRP Henri Tudor is a member of the Thematic Network project EHR-QTN. It has to provide an EHR market overview encompassing the systems on the market and their suppliers as well as user associations and the competent authorities, possibly involved in favouring or enforcing EHR certification.


EHR-QTN is a Thematic Network project that prepares the health community across Europe for systematic and comparable quality assurance and certification of e-Health products, more specifically of the Electronic Healthcare Record systems. The project fits with objective 1.6 of the 2nd Call for Proposals for the CIP-ICT PSP program: “Improving certification of eHealth products”, more specifically where the work program refers to the “good practice requirements as elaborated by EuroRec”.


This project promotes certification by organising national workshops in 27 different European countries, by validating the EuroRec functional statements (over 1.400 statements), translating a substantial set of them in over 20 different European languages and by validating the EuroRec certification tools and certification procedures. The focus functionalities of the validation and the translations to be addressed during the project will be on medicinal product prescriptions, on medication management, on summary records as well as on generic statements regarding reliability and trustworthiness of the systems and on security and access management.

More information on EHR-QTN web site.

EuroRec Seal

The EuroRec Institute and its national partner organisations defined, using a consistent cross-border approach, minimal quality criteria to be met by each application handling patient and care related data: the EuroRec Seals. Two levels of the EuroRec EHR Quality Seal have been unveiled:

EuroRec Seal Level 1

Seal Level 1

The EuroRec EHR Quality Seal Level 1 has been unveiled during the High Level Interministerial eHealth 2008 Conference in Portoroz, Slovenia. The main objective of the EuroRec Seal Level 1 is to grant cross border certificates based on a mainly generic and minimal set of quality criteria for EHR systems. This level of the EuroRec Seal focuses on trustworthiness of the clinical data.

Apply as EHR vendor for the seal Level 1.

EuroRec Seal Level 2

Seal Level 2

Level 2 of the EuroRec EHR Quality Seal has been published during the Health Informatics Society Ireland Annual Conference in Dublin, November, 2009. This Seal encompasses 50 functional quality criteria, addressing various essential functions of the EHR: access and security management of the systems, basic functional requirements on medication, clinical data management and the generic statements focusing on trustworthiness of the clinical data already included in the Level 1 Seal.

Apply as EHR vendor for the seal Level 2.
Rates for granting a Eurorec Seal Level 2.

To get to know more about the Seal Level 1 and 2 and the functional criteria behind.



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