Neutral and independent platform

imageAs in the past, the CR SANTEC is perfectly performing its role as a neutral and independent platform. This particularly significant but difficult task iscarried out in particular through the hosting of numerous workgroups and discussion forums on a variety of stimulating topics, and through the undertaking of many technological evaluations, cost/benefit studies and market researches. The CR SANTEC carries out technological evaluations, market researches, management approaches and its neutral and independent character also permits the CR SANTEC to be an ideal platform for the promotion of standards and norms.

Consulting and technological assistance

Regarding its activities in the field of consulting and technological assistance, the CR SANTEC covers a broad range of activities from offering basic consulting and small informal services up to the carrying out large strategic studies. The objective of the resource centre is to become the preferred point of contact on technological issues for all organisations within the Health Care and Social Security sectors and to give the best possible response to their requests. To be able to achieve this, the CR SANTEC can take advantage of the support from its network of national and international partners. Examples of consulting and technological assistance are :

  • Analysing new methods and technical equipment in the medical field ;
  • Evaluating costs and benefits of new technologies for the Luxembourg Health Care System;
  • Consulting the Ministry of Health;
  • Consulting different hospitals in Luxembourg ;
  • Developing strategies for a cost-effective modernisation of the Luxembourg Health Care System;
  • Helping to implement Quality Insurance Systems;
  • Creating and developing new research projects.

Cross-border co-operation

In order to perpetuate the existing competencies and to create new competences, the CR SANTEC strengthened its cross-border co-operation, particularly its co-operation with the Fachhochschule Trier, the Fachhochschule Giessen-Friedberg, the Fraunhofer Institut für Biomedizinische Technik (IBMT) in St. Ingbert and the University Henri Poincaré in Nancy. These co-operations, which have been on an informal basis for a long time now, were partially formalised by framework agreements. These co-operations principal objective is to carry out common research projects.

RDI activities

The RDI (Research, Development & Innovation) activities of the CR SANTEC are being considerably strengthened. Amongst the leading projects, it is worth mentioning the project HealthNet on a closed and secure network for the health care professionals, the LuHF project on the home monitoring of patients with severe heart failure and the BioInfo project on image processing and the implementation of a high-performance database (data warehouse / data mining) as part of the work into the creation of a DNA-chip platform.

Technology watch

To always be up-to-date, SANTEC regurlarly perfoms “veille technologique et normative” together with the CVT. New technologies as well as new standards which are relevant for the Health Care and Social security sector are analyzed and added to our Documentation Center. Technology watch also includes custom-made assistance for external partners.

Training and awareness

Increased attention was paid to informing and training, notably through the organisation of SANTEC evenings during which different topical subjects were discussed, as well as the undertaking of more than 100 hours of teaching work in health care engineering at the University de Nancy 1. Additionally, the resource centre offers tailor-made vocational training courses in its fields of activities.

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SANTEC regularly organizes public events to show our activities, these events are known as Soirées SANTEC.