CR Santec Projects

This is an enumeration of the most important projects of CR Santec.

Ongoing Projects

  • Bioinformatics: together with the CRP Santé: Création d’une nouvelle compétence en bio informatique et d’une plate-forme technologique d’analyse génique à grande échelle (puces à DNA), se fondant sur une application en cancerologie (Our parts: Databases and Image Processing)
  • HealthNet Luxembourg ® – Added Value & Secure Intranet for all professionals working in health care and social security
    GECAMed – Gestion informatisée de Cabinets Médicaux
  • FreeGate – Free and Open Source general purpose Enterprise Application Integration system. An ESB based on Mule with graphical frontends, support for healthcare protocols and a professional support infrastructure
  • KISSING – Internal project to create competences in the domains of next generation electronic patient records
  • LuHF – Luxembourg Heart Failure Project
  • Optimage – Quality Control for Optimal Medical Images
    Mammography – RIS-PACS installation at the Ministère de la Santé and communications with hospitals
  • MENSSANA – Mobile Expert and Networking System for Systematical Analysis of Nutrition-based Allergies
  • EDDRA – Exchange on Drug and Demand Reduction Action
  • CARA – Carnet Radiologique
  • LaboViewer – Free Viewer for Laboratory Results exchanged via Healthnet
  • RIS-PACS – Radiology Information System & Picture Archiving and Communication System

Older Projects

  • eProtex – Intranet, Extranet and Internet site for Protection (2003)
  • STM – Distributed Database Application for the National Service of Working Healthcare (1996 – 2000)
  • CISS – Firewall analysis of the National Service of Social Security (1996)
  • ECRIH – work out of the optimal network requirement for a hospital (1994)
  • WALLACE – Développement d’un système d’acquisition pour le Laboratoire Souterrain de Géodynamique de la Mine de Gypse de Walferdange (1998)
  • ELISA – Study for a new information system for patients admission and accounting at the Centre Hospitalier Neuro-Psychiatrique d’Ettelbrück (1999)
  • LUXIS-PAS – Patient Administration System : system for admission of patients and facturation LUXIS – Luxembourg Information System for hospitals of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (1999)
  • Lux-Imacs (Picture Archiving and Communication System) (1989 – 1996)
  • ORPHEE (Picture Archiving and Communication System) (1996 – 1997): English or French version
  • Euripacs – MIMOSA (1992 – 1994)
  • On-line inscpection system of copper foil surfaces (1992 – 1993)
    Integration of Helpmate Robots into the Luxembourg Health Care System (1995)
  • Integration of ISO 9000 philosophy in a radiological department (1994)
  • Market analysis of echocardiography systems (1996)
  • WISEL – Logistic concept for a centralized laundry facility for Luxembourg’s Health Care and Social Institutions (2000 – 2001)