The Resource Center for Healthcare Technologies (CR SANTEC) has the role to be a neutral center of competences and expertise in service of all the healthcare actors. Its primary objective is to help healthcare professionals to better focus their activities on the patient by implementing efficient solutions and tools.

Main missions of SANTEC, which is a department of the Centre de Recherche Public Henri Tudor (Public Research Centre Henri Tudor) are to :

  • be the contact point for technological issues in the Health Care & Social Security sectors and this in Luxembourg and the neighbouring regions;
  • be a catalyst for Technology & Competence Transfer;
  • provide a neutral and independant platform in order to allow health care actors to define coherent strategies & choices concerning medical technologies;
  • help HealthCare Professionals to better focalise their work on the patient, thus providing more efficient care;
  • provide efficient solutions & tools (better quality at equal or maybe lower costs).