Founded in 1991, CR Santec is one of the first Resource Centers initiated by the CRP Henri Tudor, to be explicitely structured in layers.

It is the result of the coincidence, on one hand of the structuring volition of a young innovation and technology transfer center, and, the lucky circumstances in which Robert Kanz, first director of CR Santec, acted as an innovation vector.

These circumstances were:

  • the early pre-CRP activites in the field of technologies for handicapped persons
  • the volition to cooperate between the Université Technologique de Compiègne (UTC) and the computer science group of the Institut Supérieur de Technolgie(IST), constituted as a department in 1984 in the scope of this cooperation, Robert Kanz continued his studies at the bio-medical department of Professeur Jacques Duchêne de l’UTC;
  • The Ph.D thesis of Robert Kanz, tutored by the UTC, the Centre Hospitalier de Luxembourg (CHL) and CRP Henri Tudor, based on the first research projects of the center in field of medical IT and image processing;
  • The volition of the Ministère de la Santé to create together with the CRP Henri Tudor a competence structure called Resource Center, following the creation of the pre-CRP strucutre ADAPTH, created in 1985 as a competence pole dedictated to handicap technologies.

Since its creation, CR Santec developed itself as real startup, with its high and lows, in a tough environment known for its strong centrifugal forces. Since 1999, CR Santec was kind of refounded, with the support of the Minsitère de la Santé, with its initial orientation as an excellence center and competence pole which is both public and neutral

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