Key Competencies

In 2003 Santec has re-focused its activities according to 5 primary and strategically important sectors. We either have ongoing activities in these sectors or are building up competences because we believe their will be activities in the near future.

Advanced Informatics in Health Care

  • healthHospital and medical systems;
  • Solutions for individual hospital departments;
  • Computerised patient information system;
  • Electronic Health Care Record;
  • Clinical expert systems and computer-aided decision support;
  • Security (data access, encryption, identification, chip cards, logging);
  • Medical databases (registers, knowledge databases, etc.).


  • Networking, Intranet and Extranet;
  • Telemedicine and home care;
  • Mobile and wireless computing;
  • Databases;
  • Groupware & Workflow;
  • Interfacing and communicating between applications.

Clinical engineering

  • Medical equipment and their integration
  • Logistics & organisation (together with the LTI department);
  • Quality assurance; (together with the LTI department);
  • Codification systems;
  • Clinical and nursing pathways.

Public Health

  • Market studies;
  • Evaluating costs and benefits of new technologies and/or approaches for the Luxembourg Health Care System;
  • Analysis of impacts on society;
  • Analysis on th usability and efficiency;
  • Consulting and technological assistance in order to guarantee acquisition, integration and optimal usage of medical technologies in their medico-economical context.

Image Processing

  • Image processing related to bio-informaices (DNA chips);
  • Image processing in medical imaging, namely radiology;
  • General approaches in image processing applicable to health care related issues.