Distributed Laboratory Data Exchange system within Healthnet. The implementation of such a system entails the exchange of data among different partners, requirering the integration of heteregenous IT solutions in the global architecture.

The system consists of a centralized archiving system offering security, adaptability and scalability, hosted in Healthnet.
The implementation of the system in existing environments should be as easy as possible. The answer to this requirement
boils down to a common data exchange format.


The forementioned common data exchange format is based on XML. All communications are encrypted and signed
using the S/MIME Standard. The generation of the required keypairs is done using a dedicated Healthnet Certification Authority (CA). Participating partners, i.e physicians and laboratoires, can apply for the required keypairs via application forms that can be downloaded from the Healthnet Webserver.

Laboratoires transmit previously signed and encrypted results to central server via FTP. The server automatically
dispatches the results to the inbox of the prescribing physician. The physician fetches his results via FTP, before decrypting the result and verifying the laboratory signature.


The company Micromed S.A. has developped a free client which allows physicians to retrieve theirs results from the central server. Furthermore, CR Santec has developped a free JAVA based viewer which works on Linux, Macintosh and Windows systems.